The UK and Ireland’s best motoring attractions

September 4th, 2015 Motoring News

The UK and Ireland are awash with motoring attractions ranging from museums housing vehicles from horse and cart to cutting edge concept cars, to vintage railways offering rides on genuine steam trains, to race tracks hosting live high-octane events.

Some of these are better known than others, but we think everyone working to preserve our impressive cultural heritage deserves to be seen.

This considered, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our map of driving and motoring museums and attractions.

If you need a quick primer on how to use the map, click here!

If not, here’s a key and the map – get exploring! All attractions are open to the general public except where stated.

Car icon– Museums

Train icon – Trains, railways and tramways

Flag icon – Race tracks

Garage icon – Annual events held by clubs (check for dates!)

Bus icon – Private collections (visits must be arranged in advance)

Choose layers

The drop down selection in the top left of the map lets you toggle layers. Untick a layer and all attractions in that layer will be hidden!


Information boxes

Click an icon on the map to open a box with information about that attraction which you can read, then close it again to continue navigation.



Use the + and – icons at the bottom of the map to zoom in and out:


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