Apr 07

Jaguar F-Pace Review:- Jaguar’s Bounce Back to the Big Time

For those of us that remember the 80’s, you’ll recall the prestige and iconicity the Jaguar brand possessed back then.  In recent years, that highly regarded image has diminished somewhat, as brands like Audi have made strides in the prestigious market. The noughties brought about a string of Jaguar models that were incredibly mild to drive, encountered reliability issues and generally lacked lustre.  But it’s fair to say that this jungle cat has licked its wounds and pounced back into the hearts of many. For the past couple of years in particular, Jaguar has returned in a big way.  Make no mistake, the F-Type and the F-Pace are both outstanding vehicles and although they are at the other end of the spectrum in terms of their utility, they are united in the beaming reviews they’ve shared and as symbols of Jaguar’s new wave of truly impressive vehicles. Whilst the child […]

Jan 19

Range Rover Evoque Business Leasing Benefits

Besides the bonus of claiming your VAT back, a business car lease option with a Range Rover Evoque can be beneficial in others way too. Such as… giving you a nice ride into work or out to your clients place of business.

Nov 09

Green light for Jaguar Land Rover’s Electric Car Programme

The biggest challenge that the automotive industry is trying to overcome it the requirement to conform to environmental protection policies that aim to cut carbon emissions from cars. As a result, car manufacturers have been striving to conform by designing energy efficient car models that comply with the environmental protection act.

Oct 24

Which Land Rover is for you?

The Land Rover family boasts a full and fantastic cast of characters, and finding out which of those best suits your needs is essential to getting the most from your Rover experience. Here we’ve summarised the models, features, costs and suitability of our full range to help you find the right car.