Apr 12

There’s more to the Range Rover Evoque than just the eD4 SE

It’s hard to believe that at one time Range Rover’s smash hit mini SUV was just a twinkle in Victoria Beckham’s eye nearly ten years ago.  But since its release in 2011, the Evoque has flooded our streets and become the must-have vehicle for those fashion-conscious types. In many ways though, the Evoque has got lost in its own noise.  For those consumers that sit on the fringes of the Evoque’s fan base, the notion that this car fits into the style over substance category has left may consumers undecided.  But the good news is that if you pick the right options, there is a winning formula. For the majority of our customers who are seeking a Range Rover Evoque on a lease, we find a lot of them are interested in the entry level eD4 model.  Alopt of this is driven by price and it’s a shame, because one […]

Apr 05

SVO to get their hands on the Discovery

For the Land Rover Defender enthusiasts that were heartbroken when 68 years of production final came to an end last year, there’s news from the manufacturer that might get your chest beating again. It seems that Land Rover’s SVO Technical Centre, famed for producing luxury modified versions of the Jaguar/Land Rover product, are going to get their hands on the new Discovery.  However, rather than producing the refineries that the brand has become associated with, this project will focus specially on making the discovery more ‘rough and tough’. The extreme 4×4 will be built so that it can endure and compete in punishing races like the Paris-Dakar and the Camel Trophy.  Therefore, it is thought that SVO will focus more on the car’s ability to handle extreme off-road situations, rather than just straight forward performance. It seems likely that the Discovery will go through an extensive overhaul to meet SVO’s […]

Apr 05

D-Day. The VED changes are finally here

D-day.  If you’re reading this, then we’re making two assumptions.  The first is that you like to leave things to the last minute and the second you’re in the market for leasing a car.  With the VED changes all but setting on the horizon, today is the final day where registered vehicles in excess of £40,000 won’t be subjected to the premium fee of £310 for years two to six, regardless of their emissions. It’s a radical overhaul, which will inevitably affect a lot of prestige leasing market and, on the whole, a majority of our customer base.  So, we think it’s important that you get to grips with the changes if you haven’t already. The main change in philosophy is that while the amount of VED you pay will be subject to your car’s emissions, its impact on the rate banding has substantially diminished.  Now it seems that VED will […]

Apr 05

Does the Range Rover Sport really live up to the hype?

If you’re in the market for a premium SUV, then it’s likely that you’ve arrived at the Range Rover Sport. For most, this is the quintessential symbol of luxury motoring and while the brand carries a certain prestige, there’s good reason why this car has established its name. When you step into a Range Rover Sport, you’re comforted with a great sense of appreciation because, weirdly, it just feels right. There’s an inexplicable charm to the Range Rover Sport that you just don’t get from other premium SUVs – many of which are very, very good. But the Range Rover Sport sets the bar because it has something that is untouchable, established deep in the core of the brand’s name. That’s not to say that what makes this car special is its name alone. There are plenty of features that you can feel that not only heighten the sense of […]

Mar 29

Just what is the new Rang Rover Velar?

It’s been almost 50 years since Range Rover expanded its established model line.  So, when they launched the new Velar, the world wanted to see what this hugely revered brand had created. It’s clearly been popular, with reports coming directly from Land Rover that the Velar has attracted more pre-orders than any other product in the company’s history.  But given that they are yet to hit the streets, just what is the Velar and what can we expect from it? Range Rover’s plans are to have it go on sale this summer with pricing starting from £45,000.  Like the Range Rover Sport, the Velar will boast a flagship model that will be capable of achieving high levels of performance.  However, what’ll set the Velar away from its brothers and sisters is its cutting-edge design and ultra-modern interior.  The expectation is that it’ll thrust the Range Rover brand into the focal […]

Feb 13

Geneva Motor Show 2017

This March, the eyes of the motoring world will all be turned towards the Geneva Motor Show. Universally recognised as amongst the most important motor shows in Europe and the world, the show has hosted some of the most exciting car launches ever made. So it’s of no surprise that it will be top of the list of many manufacturers’ priorities – and highlighted in countless motoring fans’ calendars worldwide (ours included).

Jan 06

The 2017 road tax shake-up: how will the UK’s favourite cars be affected?

From 1st April 2017, the cost of driving for many people in the UK is going to increase dramatically thanks to a comprehensive overhaul of the road tax system. The shake-up will see rates of road tax (otherwise known as Vehicle Excise Duty [VED] or car tax) now taking into account both emissions and list price, with a premium car penalty being brought into effect.

Nov 09

Green light for Jaguar Land Rover’s Electric Car Programme

The biggest challenge that the automotive industry is trying to overcome it the requirement to conform to environmental protection policies that aim to cut carbon emissions from cars. As a result, car manufacturers have been striving to conform by designing energy efficient car models that comply with the environmental protection act.

Nov 09

Malvern 4×4 Spares Day and Land Rover Autojumble

This Sunday, avid 4×4 and Land Rover fans from across the UK and beyond will be heading to Malvern, Worcestershire, to attend one of the most hotly anticipated parts and accessories shows in the country.

Oct 24

Which Land Rover is for you?

The Land Rover family boasts a full and fantastic cast of characters, and finding out which of those best suits your needs is essential to getting the most from your Rover experience. Here we’ve summarised the models, features, costs and suitability of our full range to help you find the right car.

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