Jan 19

Range Rover Evoque Business Leasing Benefits

Besides the bonus of claiming your VAT back, a business car lease option with a Range Rover Evoque can be beneficial in others way too. Such as… giving you a nice ride into work or out to your clients place of business.

Dec 23

Who’s that hog? The lazy middle-laners making motorways an oinking nightmare

We’ve all been there – moving swiftly along in the first lane, our speedier brethren overtaking on the right and a few slower folk up ahead in the distance, when suddenly we’re faced with that all-too-common driver’s dilemma: there’s nobody in front, but in the second lane is some misguided motorist chugging along at 60mph and seemingly without any awareness of the rest of the road around. You can’t undertake, but overtaking means a quick and dangerous dash to the third lane. What gives?

Sep 28

Penalty Points To Double For Texting Drivers

British drivers who text and call whilst in the driver’s seat are set to face harsher treatment under new government plans. New rules to be introduced next year will reflect the results of academic research that calls for better recording of collisions where phones are involved and for police offers to be able to seize devices found at crash scenes.

Aug 01

Who owns Jaguar?

Currently the iconic British brand is owned by Tata Motors, the Indian company who also own Land Rover and are, at time of writing, the 287th biggest corporation in the world. Below are companies who have been in ownership of the Jaguar brand in the past.