May 16

Study Shows No More Petrol/Diesel Cars by 2025

The landscape on the roads is set to change in a big way over the next 8 years, as experts now believe that there will be no petrol or diesel sold anywhere in the world by 2025.  It seems that the entire market is going to make a move over to electric, which will enviably lead to a collapse in the petroleum industry, which has long been one of the most profitable and robust markets for many years. The prediction has come straight out of Stanford University.  Economist Professor, Tony Seba, detailed his predictions in a report he titled ‘Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030’.  The report has since flooded social media and been picked up by car industry professionals who have seemingly acknowledged his findings to be very much probable. In his report, he surmises that people will stop driving altogether and switch to self-drive electric vehicles that are ten times cheaper […]

Apr 21

Mercedes Premium Large SUV – The New GLE

Rechristened, rebirthed and revamped – once the ML had taken its final drive into the sunset, in its place stood the GLE as Mercedes’ new premium large SUV. Taking on the BMW X5, the GLE became the final piece of the GL 4×4 Mercedes family, playing the role of big brother to the GLA and GLC. As part of Mercedes’ revival, the GLE continues the theme of their most recent designs with a strong, imposing styling, as the brand continues to shake its dated image.  And like Jaguar, it’s getting the job done. The entire GL range is essentially a revamp of previous models been and gone.  Granted, they’ve been tweaked slightly to adopt the modern aspirations of today’s car buyer’s market.  The GLC, for example, comes to the market as the direct competitor of the BMW X6, but some will argue that it is 7 years too late.  Having […]

Apr 07

Jaguar F-Pace Review:- Jaguar’s Bounce Back to the Big Time

For those of us that remember the 80’s, you’ll recall the prestige and iconicity the Jaguar brand possessed back then.  In recent years, that highly regarded image has diminished somewhat, as brands like Audi have made strides in the prestigious market. The noughties brought about a string of Jaguar models that were incredibly mild to drive, encountered reliability issues and generally lacked lustre.  But it’s fair to say that this jungle cat has licked its wounds and pounced back into the hearts of many. For the past couple of years in particular, Jaguar has returned in a big way.  Make no mistake, the F-Type and the F-Pace are both outstanding vehicles and although they are at the other end of the spectrum in terms of their utility, they are united in the beaming reviews they’ve shared and as symbols of Jaguar’s new wave of truly impressive vehicles. Whilst the child […]

Apr 05

The Range Rover Velar

Technical specs of the Range Rover Velar Wondering why you should lease the Range Rover Velar…?  Well check out the technical specs below. To share this infographic, copy the code in the etxt box below and paste it into a text box:- <html> <head> <title>Lease a Range Rover Velar</title> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8″> </head> <body bgcolor=”#FFFFFF” leftmargin=”0″ topmargin=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″> <!– Save for Web Slices (VELAR.psd) –> <table id=”Table_01″ width=”600″ height=”3536″ border=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ cellspacing=”0″> <tr> <td> <img src=”” width=”600″ height=”3403″ alt=””></td> </tr> <tr> <td> <a href=”” target=”_Blank”> <img src=”” width=”600″ height=”133″ border=”0″ alt=”Range Rover Velar Leasing”></a></td> </tr> </table> <!– End Save for Web Slices –> </body> </html>  

Apr 05

SVO to get their hands on the Discovery

For the Land Rover Defender enthusiasts that were heartbroken when 68 years of production final came to an end last year, there’s news from the manufacturer that might get your chest beating again. It seems that Land Rover’s SVO Technical Centre, famed for producing luxury modified versions of the Jaguar/Land Rover product, are going to get their hands on the new Discovery.  However, rather than producing the refineries that the brand has become associated with, this project will focus specially on making the discovery more ‘rough and tough’. The extreme 4×4 will be built so that it can endure and compete in punishing races like the Paris-Dakar and the Camel Trophy.  Therefore, it is thought that SVO will focus more on the car’s ability to handle extreme off-road situations, rather than just straight forward performance. It seems likely that the Discovery will go through an extensive overhaul to meet SVO’s […]

Apr 05

Does the Range Rover Sport really live up to the hype?

If you’re in the market for a premium SUV, then it’s likely that you’ve arrived at the Range Rover Sport. For most, this is the quintessential symbol of luxury motoring and while the brand carries a certain prestige, there’s good reason why this car has established its name. When you step into a Range Rover Sport, you’re comforted with a great sense of appreciation because, weirdly, it just feels right. There’s an inexplicable charm to the Range Rover Sport that you just don’t get from other premium SUVs – many of which are very, very good. But the Range Rover Sport sets the bar because it has something that is untouchable, established deep in the core of the brand’s name. That’s not to say that what makes this car special is its name alone. There are plenty of features that you can feel that not only heighten the sense of […]

Sep 01

Driving guides for UK destinations

There’s nothing like taking your car and your partner for a long weekend away. Our team have given their suggestions for their favourite places to do this in the UK, and we’ve whipped up handy guides for each destination – you can explore them on the map below (or if you prefer to see a list of towns we’ve covered so far, click here). Each guide includes information about how to get to the place, what to do when you’re there, and other attractions within short driving distance. If there’s a place you’d like to see featured, let us know below and we’ll see what we can do! The list: Clapham, hidden gem in the Yorkshire Dales Margate, seaside jewel of the south-east Scarborough, strong contender for the UK’s favourite seaside resort

May 28

A Long Weekend in… Clapham

You may be wondering why the crowded and manic streets of the London borough of Lambeth riddled with leased Jaguars and leased Range Rovers are being suggested for the first destination of this new blog series? Just wait one moment. We’re actually talking about Clapham, Yorkshire. A wonderful village on the border of Dales situated at the foot of Ingleborough, one of Yorkshire’s 3 biggest peaks (more on that later). Clapham, Yorkshire. This guide uses Clapham as a base of exploration and outlines a few attractions and areas of interest nearby. The village is accessible by road as follows: A65 from Leeds A65 from Kendal / M6 J36 / A65 Preston / M6 J31 / A59 / A682 / A65 Lancaster / M6 J34 / A683 / B6480   Outdoor pursuits Clapham’s location makes it the perfect getaway for the outdoor pursuiters among us. Hikers, cavers, cyclists, climbers and campers […]