Green light for Jaguar Land Rover’s Electric Car Programme

The biggest challenge that the automotive industry is trying to overcome it the requirement to conform to environmental protection policies that aim to cut carbon emissions from cars. As a result, car manufacturers have been striving to conform by designing energy efficient car models that comply with the environmental protection act.

JLRs Electric Car Programme

It is in trying to produce cars that harm the environment the least that major automotive manufacturers are now releasing vehicles that use electricity instead of carbon fuels. Some of the companies that have already released their electric car models include Tesla, Jaguar Land Rover, Chevrolet, and Mercedes-Benz.

While this is a major industry-wide accomplishment, the electric vehicles in the market may not compare with vehicles using petroleum products in terms of the mileage covered after being charged or being refuelled. Some of the new designs use both petrol and electricity. This means that automobile companies are trying to build a model that can cover more miles after being charged.

Jaguar Land Rover Releases Its I-Type Racer

JLR has launched its first I-TYPE racer that is set to participate in the FIA Formula E electric car championship. A senior executive from the company, Nick Rogers, confirms that their technical team seeks to use the experience from Formula E championship to develop their first luxury Jaguar to run exclusively on electricity.

The Formula E competition will also feature drivers from JLR’s rival companies such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Tesla.

JLR’s Progress in Making Its First Electric Jaguar

It is speculated that Jaguar Land Rover will launch its first electronic Jaguar sometime next year. The reports indicate that the company is yet to decide on whether to introduce new electric models or to use the current Jaguar design. Despite the delays, however, JLR has already filed patents for EV-Type, I-Type, and I-Pace designs.

In 2015, JLR showcased its electric drive modules at the CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle event. Sources in the company reveal that the electric drive modules had a capability of producing high power that could power a car for more than 200 miles. Moreover, the electric drive modules could provide two times as much power as the current car batteries.

JLR has not disclosed its budget allocation for designing their electric Jaguar but the cost is expected to be high. Subsequently, JLR was negotiating with Ford and BMW to join efforts in designing quality batteries that could be used in electric cars.

JLR’s spokesman in America, Nick Rogers, expressed confidence in the company’s plans observing that their engineers had sufficient skills to deliver the new model.

The company is on track to achieve its 2020 vision of making ground-breaking improvements on the internal combustion engine, powertrain research, and introducing energy-efficient car models that could reduce carbon emission by 30%.

Wolfgang Epple, the company’s director of Research and Technology, pointed out that the firm’s innovations were also centred on ensuring that their customers will be satisfied with the new models.

JLR’s Future in the Automotive Industry

The company’s management is confident that in five years, their team of experts could develop innovative products that the world has not witnessed before. To start with, the jaguar electric cars are tipped to be more sustainable and more responsive to the needs of the modern world.

JLR is striving to beat its rivals by producing the best electric car model since some companies have already released electric car models. Launching a superior electric vehicle is not only necessary for any company to remain relevant in the automobile industry but is also a step towards complying with the EU’s policies on greenhouse gas emissions.

Value for the Environment

Dr. Wolfgang revealed that JLR was taking into consideration the possible future environmental impacts of all their new models. Subsequently, JLR’s engineers carry out thorough tests on the model to evaluate its environmental implications before producing it. The information generated in the evaluations is used to guide technicians in developing sustainable products.

Electric Cars’ Implication on Automobile Insurance

Given the recent development in the automobile industry, automotive insurance companies will have to introduce a coverage policy for electric vehicles. This will require a shift by most insurance companies whose motor insurance structures are still yet to factor in the possible changes that may be required in order to provide motorists with better coverage plans.